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The Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) new Work and Health Programme is being commissioned to provide employability support for individuals with health conditions or disabilities and for people who have been out of work for more than two years.

With a focus on improving people’s life chances through access to sustainable employment, the new provision must add value to existing community services. The new programme will seek to build on existing local provision to support an effectively sequenced and ideally seamless journey for people some distance from the labour market. We want to collaborate to help people through this journey, creating positive futures for them, their families and their communities.

About us

Working Links has been delivering programmes to help people into sustainable employment since 2000, through both large scale contracts such as Work Programme and Work Choice and a range of locally focused contracts which have made a positive difference to the lives of more than 350,000 people.

We are passionate about being a social interventions organisation, helping to address challenges faced by local communities, and delivering real value for money. Our experience demonstrates that achieving service excellence begins with communication and collaboration, and to that end we are undertaking consultation with key stakeholders to shape the design of the new service.

This includes working with local commissioners of social, health and community services to ensure we best meet the needs of the communities we wish to support.

How we can work together

The commissioning process for the Work and Health Programme sees England and Wales divided into a number of geographical contract package areas with provider organisations bidding to deliver services in one or more of these.

Critical to developing the best possible service, which benefits both participants and the local economy, will be a thorough understanding of the existing local landscape of public and voluntary services.

Working Links are keen to engage with stakeholders to discuss:

  • What elements should the new programme include to enhance existing local community provision and to build on what is already working well?
  • What opportunities are there for co-location and joining up services?
  • Where are the hotspots of unemployment and social inactivity that impact on communities being able to develop and progress, and what are the underlying causes?
  • What are the different regions’ growth ambitions, and how can the Work and Health Programme help local stakeholders to achieve these?

We are looking to work closely with stakeholders from the public, private and voluntary sectors to help us develop a service that builds on the existing local framework of support, enhances the opportunities available to local people, and provides an integrated meaningful service which truly benefits local communities and economies.  

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