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Many of us experience health or disability issues during our lives that impact on our ability to work. The Work and Health Programme will support people experiencing just such issues, enabling them to gain skills, manage their condition, and move back in to employment. The programme will also support people who have been out of work for more than two years.

About us

Working Links has been delivering programmes to help people into sustainable employment since 2000. In preparation for the Work and Health Programme we are undertaking consultations with our stakeholders to shape the design of the new service. This includes working with a range of employers of all sizes to ensure we best meet their needs.

We support employers to hire new people, taking time to understand what each employer is looking for from their new recruits. And employers repeatedly come back to us to fill vacancies.

We work with our employer partners to address their recruitment needs. We prepare suitable candidates by supporting them to gain the relevant skills, experience and guidance before putting them forward for interviews. Once individuals enter employment we provide them with support to help them remain in work, building self-efficacy as they gain increased belief and confidence about their capabilities.

How Working Links can help you

Recruiting the right person for the job can be difficult, and we know that most employers are keen to promote diversity within their organisations, providing the appropriate roles, training and support which will result in a loyal productive workforce.

We select and prepare suitable candidates by supporting them to gain the required skills and experience before putting them forward for selection. We provide pre-employment and ongoing training for a range of sectors and source funded, accredited training for a range of certificates and qualifications. We also work with employers to develop job-specific training, including their own bespoke materials.

We will provide support to employers and candidates as needed at every stage of the recruitment process including advice to businesses on workplace adjustments and compliance with the Equality Act (2010).

Once individuals enter employment we will provide tailored support to both employer and new recruit for the first few months or longer if required.

How you can get involved now

The Work and Health Programme is being commissioned through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). England and Wales will be divided into a number of geographical contract package areas with provider organisations bidding to deliver the services in one or more of these.

Critical to developing the best possible service which benefits both participants and the local economy, will be a thorough understanding of the local labour market – in other words what do employers need, what opportunities can employers offer, what are employers’ growth ambitions, and how can the Work and Health Programme help local employers to achieve these?

We are looking to work closely with employers of all sizes and across all sectors to help us develop a service that, in supporting people to take up employment opportunities, and supporting employers to benefit maximally from a motivated and productive workforce, truly benefits local communities and economies.  

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