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Steven’s successful hunt for a job

Twenty-five year old Leicester man Steven Hunt says he’s pleased to be off benefits after landing a job as a cleaner.

Steven, who has a mild learning disability, wanted to gain sustainable employment but was fearful of coming off benefits after five years.

Despite working a few hours at Leicester Tigers matches at Welford Road, the work was infrequent and not sufficient to come off benefits. In a bid to gain experience, he also volunteered a few hours a week for British Heart Foundation.

After being referred by Jobcentre Plus to Working Links, which runs the Work Choice programme to help people with disabilities on their journey towards work, Steven was partnered with personal consultant Bee Kukadia.

Bee could see that Steven felt slightly trapped and felt stressed by undertaking job searching.

His disability meant he could sometimes be disorganised and forgetful, often turning up to appointments late or on the wrong day.

Through working with him through the next few months, Bee saw a gradual change in Steven.

His confidence started to grow, especially after a chance meeting with Working Links’ managing director for employability Brian Bell.

After starting to attend the office more frequently and on time, job searching became an increasingly important part of Steven’s life. He also took part in workshop sessions and a listening group.

Soon after, he secured a part-time position as a cleaner at Interserve. He continues to work at Leicester Tigers on match days as well as volunteering at the British Heart Foundation.

He says he is pleased to be off benefits and earning his way in the world of work.

Steven has a mild learning difficulty and is now earning his way in the world of work