Welcome to Links to Work

We’ll support you throughout your journey

into employment

If you’re currently unemployed

we can help you to gain new skills and find a job

Man at work

Links to Work is a programme to help you find suitable employment. We’ll work with you to identify your strengths, skills and abilities, and any barriers you may have to employment.

We’ll help you to:

  • write your CV
  • search and apply for jobs
  • fill in application forms
  • gain new skills and improve your computer skills
  • build your self-confidence and improve your motivation
  • prepare for interviews
  • improve your timekeeping
  • access health related in-work support

If you have a health condition, then you can speak to one of our qualified health professionals who will provide you with the tools to help you improve your health and wellbeing so you can get back to work.



You’ll get:

  • a dedicated key worker
  • an individual assessment
  • one to one appointments with a key worker
  • access to therapists and occupational health professionals
  • access to group training sessions and health and wellbeing workshops
  • support to search and apply for jobs
  • access to our online learning toolkit
  • in-work support for up to six months

And our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll keep in touch with you while you are in work to make sure that everything is going well.


Are you eligible

The ciriteria to access Links to Work is dependant on where you live. To find out if we can work with you please select a location below or contact us or call us on 0800 917 9262.

> Leicester  > Dorset > North East  > Swindon and Witlshire

> Northampton > Derby and Nottingham

For information or to register with us please contact us or call 0800 917 9262

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Kieran O’Flaherty

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